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Why routine services are a must?

Routine Service

Everything has a limited lifespan. Everything needs replacement and upgrade if they aim to sustain it for a longer duration. Even the Red Blood Cells (RBCs) in our blood vessels replace themselves every 120 days. Anything that holds still or doesn’t change with time, gets degraded or stagnant, even the purest water falls under this category. So RO purifiers are just man-made machinery. They won’t last long if they aren’t given proper routine checks. One of the other parts would stop functioning. That’s why regular maintenance is a must.

How do you ensure proper routine checks of your Reverse Osmosis System ?

  • Mostly all brands these days have an association with RO service centres.
  • Contact your RO service brand and ask them for AMC at the time of purchasing or you can do it later as well.
  • AMC would provide you a proper periodic maintenance chart that specifies the duration and charge per visit.
  • Along with the specific facilities an AMC provides, You can also ask for additional service/visit anytime.
  • If you can’t contact with your RO brand’s service centre for any particular reason, you may also google for RO service centres near me, to get better and close services.

Perks of routine check ups :-

  • A sense of assurity that your water purifier is working well.
  • In case of any inconvenience, your RO service centre would be just a call away.
  • FILTER MEMBRANE and some other parts that needs to be replaced every 3-4 months would be replaced without you having to put it on your reminder list.
  • Routine checks would ensure a long-lasting life for your Reverse Osmosis System.
  • You won’t have to worry about the spare parts purchase as the Service centre would provide it to you under your AMC. Plus, online search or even market search takes up a lot of time for perfect spare parts. So, routine checkups would ensure that it’s not your place to worry about it.
  • Now the last and the obvious one, the spare parts that need to be replaced within a particular time span would stop working and the water purifier would shut down.

In short, there’s no alternative for routine checkups in the Reverse Osmosis System. You have to consider them.

Other facts to be considered :-

When you purchase a new RO purifier, make sure the company provides you a warranty. Within one or two years of warranty, you get free checkup visits for your water purifier. And once the warranty expires, you need to pay for the service. Obligatory replacement of a few parts like sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane, etc. Would cost you according to the AMC plan. It’s your responsibility to keep the system up and running if you don’t buy an AMC plan for your water purifier.

Final words :-

 Some things are worth putting your money upon, especially in a time where there are regular newly introduced diseases because of water pollution. Keep your Purifier healthy, keep your body healthy. That’s all..!!! See ya..!!

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