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Water Purifier Technologies and the Increasing Popularity of Undercounter Water Purifiers


If you are perplexed by the plethora of Water Purifier alternatives on the market, don’t be anxious, we are here to help you choose the best Water Purifier technology for your needs. A water purifier has become an essential household item that is critical in protecting your family’s health. To begin, what exactly is a Water Purifier? A Water Purifier is a device that eliminates harmful chemicals, biological pollutants, and suspended solids from water, guaranteeing that you have pure, clean, and safe drinking water. Firstly, select the best water Purification system by identifying your home’s water supply. If your home’s water supply is municipal, the TDS Value (PPM) is likely to be 200ppm, and you can use a UV or UV+ Water Purifier. However, imagine your home’s water supply is a borewell, a water tanker, or a municipal supply and borewell/water tanker. In such a situation, the TDS range (PPM) is likely to be greater than 200ppm, and the suggested water filtration technique is a RO or RO+ under-the-counter water filter.

There are several Water Purifier alternatives within these RO/RO+ or UV/UV+ technologies. Depending on your placement requirements, there are many Water Purifier alternatives, such as wall-mounted/tabletop or under-the-counter water purifiers.


The Indian modular kitchen industry is expected to develop at a 27 percent CAGR* between 2019 and 2024. Under-the-counter UV water purifiers are becoming more popular as the modular kitchen trend grows. This is the Water Purifier technology to choose from if you don’t want to ruin the décor of your finely planned kitchen interiors.


Improves kitchen ambiance –

By utilizing the typically underutilized under-counter area, an Invi U1 under-counter Water Purifier helps keep your counter and kitchen clutter-free.


Saves important cabinet space –

An Z2+ under-the-counter Water Purifier is concealed in the kitchen cabinet under the sink, freeing up valuable top cabinet space for other purposes.


Convenient to use-

A high-curved faucet, also known as a purified water tap or gooseneck faucet, is installed on the sink adjacent to the main kitchen tap. Filling bottles or utensils is incredibly convenient since the utensils/bottles may be kept on the kitchen sink and filled without you handling them.


No water spillage-

There is no problem if water runs over the bottle/utensil when it is complete since the water falls directly into the sink. It is also more convenient to fill a big utensil when held below the waist level rather than above, as in the case of a wall-mounted RO Water Purifier.

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