Quick fact while purchasing on RO purifier

You can’t and shouldn’t make any purchase without prior inspection. There are a few facts to be considered before buying a water purifier. Let’s have a look at them.

◾When you purchase a new RO purifier, make sure the company provides you a warranty. Within one or two years of warranty, you get free check-up visits for your water purifier. And once the warranty expires, you need to pay for the service. Obligatory replacement of a few parts like, sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane etc. Would cost you according to the AMC plan. It’s your responsibility to keep the system up and running, if you don’t buy an AMC plan for your water purifier.

◾Make sure your RO filters low TDS level water. Your RO purifier must have the TDS mentioned. Consult your technician or the RO purifier company you are purchasing it from.

◾The water wastage should be in a rational ratio. If the RO filters out most of the water, it indicates a bad reversible rate.  It wouldn’t be feasible to use water for your usage purposes if the wastage is much more than the production.

◾AMC plans are equally important as choosing the right fit for your home décor.

Along with the Annual Maintenance Contract, you may also get extra services included in your plan, according to your convenience. Coordinate with your RO services company and look for the best offers you have.  So, that was all about AMC, you need to keep in mind before hitting that buy button.

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