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Monsoon In Mumbai Updated Live | Ro Service India

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Here at Ro Service India ‘Is there water logging in Mumbai today?’ is the most common question Mumbaikars have to think a thousand times before leaving their houses for work. The peak months for Monsoon in India is July to August, and Mumbai suffers the most in these months. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is the municipal corporation of greater Mumbai, said that pre-monsoon preparation are done despite the COVID wave and we are fully ready for the upcoming monsoons. This was stated by the BMC pre-monsoon, and it turned out to be a disaster for them. Crores of money they spent, washed away as the monsoon brought massive rainfall and heavy wind gusts along with it.

IMD (India Meteorological Department) reported 49 mm of rainfall in Mumbai. (Monsoon in Mumbai updated live). Mumbaikars of the Asalpha area, Andheri, Parel, Bhandup suffered huge losses due to the monsoon. Indian Summer Monsoon as reported by the IMD brings calm and chaos to the western coastline of India altogether. Western and Eastern part of India experiences all kinds of goodies that the monsoon brings and also the destruction it causes. Mumbaikars bear real trouble during the peak of the monsoon. Waterlogging is common for Mumbai roads, and even after various efforts by the BMD and other municipal corporations, the situation goes out of hand every now and then.

Mumbai Rainfall Harvesting

IMD announced an Orange alert in parts of Mumbai, like Borivali, Sanctuary, Thane, Chembur, Powai, Navi Mumbai regarding the possibility of massive rainfall. The CM of Mumbai- Uddhav Thackeray explicitly told the municipalities to remain alert during the peak monsoon. Mumbai Rain News today and Monsoon in Mumbai updated live has been the topic of discussion among various news channels throughout the season.

But one issue that should be raised is the scale of rainfall harvesting in Mumbai. This should be put to use as much as possible. The stored water should be treated with RO water purifiers, in order to make it consumable. RO water purifier services in Mumbai are the need of the hour for Mumbaikars. Best ro service for Mumbaikars online is the top-notch brand services we provide at reasonable prices. RO purifier services are mandatory at this hour considering the amount of water pollution in the water resources of Mumbai are severely polluted which affected the TDS level of Mumbai water.

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