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Kent RO Water Purifier vs. Aquaguard Water Purifiers: Which one is Better?

With environmental change and increased pollution, the need to cleanse water has never been more vital, driving up market demand for water purifiers. So, drinking water from a reputable and dependable source is essential for remaining healthy.


When looking for possibilities, you will see that Kent and Aquaguard purifiers are the best brands in this field, and in this review, we will establish which one is the best brand for your home.


Aquaguard Vs. Kent Water Purifiers: The Key Differences


Technology Used In Aquaguard and Kent

Aquaguard RO uses reverse osmosis to remove contaminants from water, whereas KENT most versions combine RO+UV and UF technologies.


Designs for Water Purifiers

Another essential thing to consider while deciding between Kent and Aquaguard is design and appearance. Most Kent purifiers are designed to match modern homes and provide the user with excellent ease. The efficient filters with storage tanks and many settings function admirably.

Aquaguard purifiers, on the other hand, are similarly user-friendly and include features like dosing, indications, etc. Their design works well in homes with tiled, warm, or light-colored walls.



Aquaguard purifiers have a large capacity ranging from seven to ten liters, whereas Kent RO has a flexible tank capacity. Kent Grand has nine liters, although exceptional versions like Kent Elite can cleanse at a pace of forty liters per hour.



Another deciding element that can help you pick which cleaner is best for your house is your budget. For a better notion, an eight-liter Kent can be purchased for 9,000, while a seven-liter Aquaguard may be bought for 22,000 if your money allows.


Which is Better?

Whether it’s Kent RO or Aquaguard Water Purifier, the brand’s history and product quality will give you a good notion of why they’re one of the top names in the Indian market


If you live in a hard water location, your best option is to get a purifier, and our top recommendations are Kent RO or Aquaguard RO. Because both organizations provide excellent purification quality and similarly dependable products, no evident distinction makes one preferable to the other. We choose Aquaguard over Kent for our use case and region because of its superior service and reliable components. However, we feel that criteria like price, maintenance expenses, storage capacity, warranty, and specifications may help you limit your options to the best brand for you.


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