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Domestic Ro

Domestic Ro

Just like you, everyone searches for a reasonable price for any facility they want for themselves. The market offers a wide range of Domestic RO purifiers along with a broad margin in their prices. One cliche perception we keep in mind is that, If we compare a product on the basis of its prices, we ultimately start looking at higher price products as of best quality.

At RO SERVICES, we tend to break that notion and provide you top-notch quality in every price range that suits you the best according to your desires and of course pocket.
DOMESTIC ROs for instance, are the best for household purposes. The UV+UF purification technique enhances their TDS rejection rate and gets rid of the bacteria using Reverse Osmosis.

Check for TDS LEVELS:-

TDS level higher than 1000 PPM is highly toxic to health. It should range between 50-150 PPM for acceptable consumption. You should always check for TDS levels on a Domestic RO purifier before hitting that buy button.

Many famous brands, as an article of INDIAN EXPRESS states, mention the TDS level of their RO. Brands such as KENT RO, AQUAFRESH RO, EUREKA FORBES RO, specify the TDS levels for transparency in their service quality

Stainless Steel Storage:-

Almost all brands provide a more hygienic way of water purification in the form of tanks made of Stainless Steel. In Domestic RO services, there’s a wide range of ROs available for the same purpose. There are only pros for this alternative which includes
UV tank
Digital Sterilization Care
Mineral Booster
More hygienic
Rust resistance for a long time, according to various water purifier service centres.

Although the conventional Domestic RO purifiers available in plastic bodies have no known side effect on health, people just prefer stainless steel these days according to their convenience in Water purifiers

Wastage of water:-

Domestic RO purifier services are attached mainly near the sink of the kitchen where a pipeline ejaculates the contaminants and separates the freshwater from the contaminated one.

The major concern people tend to face here is water wastage. But with several modifications and evolution in RO purifier services, one that has been included is No water Wastage RO. Brands like KENT RO provide this specific type of product.
In some brands where there is uncontaminated water thrown out, that water can be used for cleaning and mopping purposes. So, It’s a win-win situation. You may contact your nearest water purifier service centre for specifications on your product

Types of DOMESTIC ROs:-

Wall mounted –

This type of product model is attached to the wall of the kitchen with a connection to the main water tank of the house.
It’s mainly attached near the sink in the kitchen. The contaminated water is discharged via a pipe attached to the RO, directly into the sink.
You may either collect the water or let it flow down the sewer passage. The choice is yours..!!

Table top water purifier –

Now this one is a gravity-based water purifier. These types of gravity-based purifiers come in both phases – electric and non-electric. Basically, the water purification process involves 3 stages:-

  • Sediment filtration – which removes all the sediments present.
  • Carbon filtration – It’s more like carbon choking. As you know carbon is one element, widely famous for capturing impurities and is even used in skincare products. The Carbon layer in a tabletop or gravity-based purifier removes all the dirt and impurities present in water.
  • Ultrafiltration– The synthetic membrane takes out the remaining contamination and you enjoy your freshwater right there

Under the counter water purifier –

Attached mainly under the sink, so that it stays hidden. It’s purely according to your convenience regarding the location of the RO device.

We provide

  • All Domestic ROs at reasonable prices.
  • Transparency in pricing
  • 24*7 assistance in just a call
  • Highly professional technicians for any kind of inconvenience
  • Quick doorstep delivery
  • Assistance from skilled vendors across India
  • Water purifier service centre

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