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Common Issues In Every RO Water Purifier


Compared to regular tap water, the reverse osmosis system is a healthy technique to attain a degree of water purity suitable for drinking and cooking. Reverse-osmosis filters remove contaminants and pollutants from ordinary tap water. However, after a few years of continuous usage, the RO system wears down, and several defects develop. RO machine needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly, but the storage tank also needs to be cleaned since the water will taste nasty even if you perform routine maintenance on your RO system.


All RO systems face some common similar issues.


The faucet is leaking.

There will be some leakage if the system elements are fitted carelessly. Also, attempt to figure out where the leak is coming from. It can also come from the bottom of the faucet stem. So tighten all of the fittings again and push the tubing deeper into the valves, drain saddle, and ports. This will help the joint.


Water with a foul odor or a terrible flavor

The source of the unpleasant odor is stagnant water. Depleted filters and worn-out membranes are other critical causes of bad-tasting water in your home. Simply replacing the depleted components will restore the taste of the water. The storage water must be changed regularly to reduce air and bubbles.


Water runs more slowly than usual.

Again, this is a pressure issue, and more often than not, the amount of water is less. Check to see if the water pressure in the RO water filter is enough. If it isn’t, use a pressure gauge to raise the reading to 6 – 8 psi slowly. When the bladder within the tank can no longer sustain the pressure, the entire tank must be replaced.


A squeaky faucet or drain

This is one of the most prevalent RO system issues. This is usually triggered while installing a new system or changing the filter cartridges, and the air is forced out. However, the noise will diminish the following week.

Pro Tip: One solution is to straighten the tubes. If the noise problem persists, you can look for holes in the system again.




So, you’ve learned how to repair RO system, and we hope you’ll be able to diagnose it in the future, but if you are not willing to go through the laborious process of repairing your RO system yourself, RO SERVICES professionals are here to help.


Opening the entire system for issues and then reassembling it can be time-consuming when repairing a RO system. You may use our platform to sample the services of specialists and be worry-free in the comfort of your own home.

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