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Bangalore is Popular City

Bangalore is Popular City

Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka state in India. It is also known for tourist places which are Cubbon park, Nandi hills, Tipu Sultan’s palace, Lal bagh Botanical garden, Bangalore palace, Iskcon temple etc.  Bangalore is known as the IT capital of India and a global information technology hub of the country. This city is also known to be the Silicon Valley of India as it is home to some of the major tech and software companies, like Infosys, Wipro and Mindtree.

Water Resources in Bangalore city

There are two resources of drinking water in the Bangalore city.

Ground water: Water is received through bore well, hand pump from the ground which is stored in cracks of soil, sand and rocks. Groundwater is really necessary for the irrigation of plants, it seeps into the ground and is received by plant roots via transport channels present in them. Groundwater contains dissolved minerals important for the nutrition of plants.

River Kaveri: Another resource of water in Bangalore is running river water. People of this city use water for power manufacture, irrigation of field etc. But at most of places river water is contaminated by throwing waste and dust of house cleaning, waste liquid is passed by factories. Most of the people dissolve impurities in river because they use water for washing clothes at bank, fisheries and open drainage in river. 

RO Services in Bangalore city

RO Machine are very important for healthy life for all children, adult people. Ro machine protects us against water borne diseases. Ro water also helps us to boost immune system. Ro water also helps in healthy lifestyle and saves from diseases.  A water purifier removes all kinds of pollutants and makes it completely safe for human consumption. This robust our immune cells that keep us healthy and protect us from various health issues.

Diseases due to impure water: Population of India is growing day by day rather diseases are spreading very fast across the country. Pollution is increasing in water and air. Both air and water are needed for human. But people of country have to drink polluted water and get many danger diseases and sickness like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, cancer etc. Water is really important element for the human because 70% element in human body is water. All people must drink pure water. Diseases can cause death.

Water quality need to be improve: The TDS level of water supply for drinking shows different measurement at different places are TDS ranging from 500mg/L to 2000 mg/L. This level of water creates many problems in the body and cause many diseases, infections. According to the India portal water team level of water should be TDS 80ppm to 200 ppm. Quality of water is very important because records by government tells us crore people get admit to hospitals because of drinking impure water.

Fact about The RO Service

Reverse Osmosis (RO) system uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove different types of contaminants from water. The water purification system uses a small membrane to remove salt, chemicals and dust from water to make it safe for consumption. The contaminated water passes through this small membrane (a polymer film) with very small-sized pores. The machine membrane weeds out minerals and micro-organisms present in water. An outlet pipe flushes out the impurities.

Replacing equipment is the larger investment, so many people choose to repair the equipment instead of replacing it. It is available at low prices and reduce cost stress.

But the costs that go along with frequent breakdowns — lower productivity, defective output, rising labor costs, and unmatched production schedules — can sometimes be greater than the cost of replacing the machine part outright.Our team provides better service at your home. All kind capacity Ro are repaired.  If someone need to repair their Ro machine can get communication link through our website.

Our website:

Service Location: Home Service

Payment Mode: Online/Offline

RO Purifier Services available in Bangalore


RO Installation and Reinstallation

New RO installation is facilitated at your house, office or factory premises. If you are in Delhi NCR and looking help in RO installation at your premises, then you have reached the right destination. RO Services provides the installation and re-installation of the RO system, whether new or used, at your doorstep. Our services are provided to the residential, commercial and industrial areas in and around the Delhi NCR locality.


Installation                   600
Reinstallation              900

Service Cost & Maintenance Cost

Our company do not take much price for RO service cost. Our services are provided under customer budget. Your prices are low enough to cover your expenses or you will not be in business for very long. After adding together all of the business expenses you should pay to keep the doors open, turn that total into a per day rate. Your expenses for a day will be total RS. 300 for visiting charge.

SERVICE TYPE                             Price

REPAIR                                     300 + Spare parts cost

FILTER SERVICE                 300 + Changed filter cost

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