AMC stands for annual maintenance contract. As the name suggests, it’s a yearly contract or agreement between the manufacturer and owner of a water purifier. Is this information enough for you to proceed with your upcoming water purifier purchase? No, right. You must be informed about the routine checks, costs per visit and much more. So, tighten your seat belt and ride with me.

About the visits per year:-

Visits included in an AMC depend upon the plan you buy from your respective RO services India company. In general, the plan includes a quarterly (4 times a year) visit or a half-yearly (2 times a year) visit. But as I told you, it varies according to the plan the company provides you. Our AMC Services


You get regular visits according to your plan. The charges applied generally depend upon the parts you need to be changed, which are not included in the plan. And the parts included in the plan along with the technician/service charge. For instance, 1000 rupee charge for the service would be added to the costs of spare parts your RO services India company is providing you. The service charge is fixed at the beginning of the AMC. But suppose, your RO membrane is damaged earlier than expected, so the charge for that would be added in the final receipt.

Final charge= Service charge (fixed) +Spare parts charge (fixed) + Spare part damaged unexpectedly (not included in the plan, so charged accordingly).

Why AMC is so crucial?

◾The pre-water filter cartridges in a water purifier blocks quickly in around 3 months. Replacing them is important.

◾Post Carbon Filter also needs to be replaced quarterly. Same goes for the remineralizer cartridge.

◾RO Membrane costs around 2500 and needs to be replaced every 2-3 years.

◾With AMC, you get remarkable discount on the parts.

◾You save the extra effort you have to put on finding a good technician.

◾AMC gives a sense of security that your water purifier is being handled properly.

◾You don’t have to panic in case of damage, your RO Services Company would be just a call away.

➡Although spare parts are available online. You may change your damaged parts yourself with proper skills. But even with that, a routine check from trained technicians is important. Why? Check out 👇

Check out stuff online for your convenience. I have enlisted some of the best reviewed products down here.

  • Pre-water filter cartridge
  • Carbon filter
  • Inline Sediment Filter
  • RO membrane filter 
  • Spare parts for gold, gold optima, UF membrane
  • 100 GPD booster pump 

➡Along with the Annual Maintenance Contract, you may also get extra services included in your plan, according to your convenience. Coordinate with your RO services company and look for the best offers you have.  So, that was all about AMC, you need to keep in mind before hitting that buy button. In case of any other query you have in mind, give us a call and also for your AMC with us. Good service is awaiting you…..!!!!

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